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Let’s talk cheese

And not in a food way.

I’m a private person, in that I do not in any way want random internet strangers to hear my deepest emotional thoughts and feelings.

When I read food blogs, I often think I must be the only one.

I’m tired of these women bleeding all over the page (so to speak). It’s awesome that you love your kids and your husband- I love my husband, too, that’s why I married him!- but for the love of absolute flaming Pete, I don’t need to hear endless lists of what you’re grateful for, of how you are emotionally touched by every ray of starlight twinkling in a sprinkling of morning dew. Ugh. Please spare me your hormonal soliloquies. POST SOME FOOD.

Most female food bloggers, especially GF ones, are quite well-off. I’m not. I don’t have the time nor the ability to stop and grovel with false humility about how much in love I am with free-range eggs and every single stupid person who comes into my day. Maybe that’s the difference- some of us do real, terrible, hard, and low-paying work for a living, so we don’t look at life through rose-coloured glasses? I don’t know.

I have a legitimate allergy to gluten, a legitimate love for the people and things who deserve it, and a VERY legitimate hate for overweaning false humility.

I guess I’m alone.


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