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There’s a recipe for an ice cream substitute made from bananas. Actually, made JUST from bananas. There are many versions, so many that I am loathe to link one over the other, so here is the very simple recipe:

1. Take bananas

2. Cut bananas

3. Freeze bananas

4. Blenderize

And it equals ice cream, really! It’s creamy and almost exactly the right texture.

There are two things that I don’t really like very much that everyone else seems to love: ice cream and bananas. So why the hell did I make this? Not sure, except I for some reason had a sugar craving and desperately wanted to squelch it.

The problem is this: since I don’t like bananas, I added honey and peanut butter to mine. The texture was gorgeous, and it tasted wonderful, but it was waaaaaaaaay too sweet. And at 40 carbs a serving, not much better than actual ice cream.


Here are my recommendations for making this at home:

1. Don’t bother adding any more sweetener. Bananas are ungodly sweet, a fact I forgot. In fact, were I to make this again- and I might, it really was nicer than I expected- I would probably chuck lemon juice in.

2. Don’t scoop up a big bowl. You won’t finish.

3. Don’t make too much. If you refreeze it, the texture changes somewhat, and while it’s still tasty, it’s not as luscious and creamy.

4. Don’t expect a super diet-friendly treat. Like I said, one serving of this stuff has about forty carbs. No fat and few calories, but that’s sort of the opposite of my diet plan.


Caveat bananas, my friends.


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