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I love kabocha, or Japanese pumpkin. It’s a little sweeter and less watery than its larger cousins. Unfortunately, after I left Japan, I couldn’t find the damn stuff anywhere! You can therefore appreciate my delight when I found them at the Korean market around the corner- for a mere 59 cents a pounds, no less. FUCKYEAHKABOCHA.

These pancakes (although they’re really more like okonomiyaki than anything else) are super-adaptable. You want more bean sprouts? Add ’em! Want more veggies? Try chopped spinach or grated cauliflower or even finely-chopped broccoli. Don’t give a fuck about low carb or low starch? Grate some potatoes into it, or use real flour. Want cheese on them? CHEESE WILL WORK. Vegan? Throw in some xanthan gum, or just rely on the natural goopyness of the pumpkin to hold them together. In short, make it work for YOU.

And, yes, you can use regular pumpkin for this- or even butternut squash.

Suggested topping for these are mayonnaise (according to my husband, but eeewwww I hate mayonnaise), Greek yogurt, sour cream, butter, chopped scallions, soy sauce, Sriracha, or really any creamy or Asian condiment. I could see these being quite decent with a little peanut sauce.

A note of warning: I did not include a picture because they ain’t so pretty, but if you glance at the pics in that okonomiyaki article, that should guide you.

A second note of warning: more kimchi, depending on how large the cabbage pieces are, means the pancakes may be more crumbly. No matter.


Makes roughly 8 medium-sized pancakes, with 5 carbs and 114 calories per pancake.

1 half kabocha squash
1 large handful of bean sprouts
2 beaten eggs
1 cup kimchi
Soy sauce
Coconut flour
Olive oil

1. Soften kabocha. This took me about 45 minutes, plenty of time to watch an old episode of SNL from the 90s.
2. Get rid of the seeds and stringy stuff. Scoop out the pumpkin flesh with a spoon or ice cream scooper. Mash it the fuck UP.
3. Add eggs, kimchi, spices, soy sauce, Sriracha, and bean sprouts. Mix ’em all together. It’s okay to do this while watching 90s SNL; there are far too many It’s Pat sketches to be worth your full attention.
4. Form goop into a pancake shape, dredge in coconut flour.
5. Fry your pancakes! FRRRRYYYYYY THEEEEMMMMM! They will cook SUPER FAST so don’t get too caught up in Deep Thoughts.
6. Top with whatever, eat with face.

Now, so that you have a picture of some kind, here is a beautiful and elegant lady astride a missile:


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