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So, I have to open this entry with a very sad story: my husband brought home artichokes from Trader Joe’s that were, in a word, furry. Like, they had ALREADY gone bad. I am going to have to take them back- I’d normally just shrug and chuck ’em, but these are artichokes.

Artichokes, I waited for all year when I was a kid. They were expensive to get in upstate NY, I think, because we only had them maybe twice a year. I couldn’t even have them on my birthday, because it’s in stupid January and seriously, why did I have to be born in January?!

I digress. The ONLY good thing about living in California is that they grow the mothers here. I’ve been snarfing them all summer, and only one out of the past 20-something specimens has been bad.

Four at once, though…I feel like I should sue.

And don’t bother writing TJ’s a complaint letter- I did that last month when we spent roughly $20 on what turned out to be prematurely-expired yogurt and milk, and they were just like, “oops.”

Artichoke blingee (it rocks)



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